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Custom Design

Our master jewelers can create any piece of jewelry you can imagine. It can be an inspiration you got from a magazine ad, a picture you found online, or a sketch you drew – our custom process is very accurate and the results will astound you. We first make a CAD – a computer-aided design of the item you wish to create. We send those image to you for approval, and you can request changes before we proceed. We then cast the item and produce it. The entire process takes between 2-4 weeks from the moment we start


Custom Design Rings

At Bishop’s Jewelry Gallery, you can customize many of our hand-crafted wedding rings and engagement rings with color gemstones, color diamonds and/or alternative metal options to create a ring that is perfect for your unique personality. If you wish, we can create and design a one-of-a-kind ring to your specifications, using state-of-the-art technology that brings your vision to life.

Many people believe that custom designing your own ring is expensive and time prohibitive, but that is simply not the case. In many instances, the team at Bishop’s Jewelry Galleryis able to assist you in selecting a diamond, transforming your design inspiration into a 3D rendering or Computer Aided Design (CAD), and delivering the finished piece to you within 30 days.

To get started, all you need to do is stop in and work with one of our knowledgeable sales staff to pick the right center stone, if you are looking for something more specific we can have one in 1-2 business days in most cases! Once you have selected one, They will help you narrow down all design requirements before presenting the request to our Design Team for an initial price quote.

When you are ready to move forward, we will start creating a 3D rendering of your ring (if necessary) and confirm the final price. Please note: when you receive your CAD, the ring may look different than the final product will. For example, the prongs may appear to stand up too high – this is necessary for the finishing team to be able to set the stone securely. Also, pave detailing may also not look finished because the beads that are used to set the stone will not appear in CAD.

After your CAD has been approved, we will begin creating your unique piece using either hand-pulled wire or wax casting. Your diamond or gemstone will then be set into the polished piece by our most experienced jewelers.

Our mission is to offer a custom design service that puts you in control, and provides you with a beautiful, unique quality ring that will last a lifetime.


Example of drawing then cad then finished of course more tastfully










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