Consignment Info

Consignment for Customers


  • We offer consignment to customers on a limited, case-by-case basis. This is not something we advertise. More often than not a customer will bring us something they would like to sell us that is either too costly for us to buy up front (eg. $7500 Eng Ring SI or better) or we are not able to offer them enough. In the event we are interested in having the item in our case (not your call, ask Rita and/or Bill) these are the procedures to follow:
  • Check condition of the piece
  • Are there any repairs necessary (prongs, shank, bail, stone damage)
  • Any repairs must be paid for by the customer up front before we will consign the piece
  • Inform customer of our consignment policy
  • We will split the final sale price with the owner 40/60 (they get 40%, we get 60%) 


This is due to our liability of standing behind the piece.

They are welcome to set the price though we will make a recommendation.

We need to know their bottom line if negotiation is an option.

      They are welcome to pick up pieces and remove them from consignment at any time.

Once a price has been agreed upon, enter the item into inventory

      Be sure to mark it as “Consignment” NOT “Stock”

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